Manufacturers & Suppliers FAQs

  • Who should I contact with any queries?

    You can contact the WTL Advice via e-mail. Please send your query to and a member of the WTL team will contact you regarding your query.

    However, all queries relating to the tax system should be directed to:

    Tunde Ojetola
    Capital Allowances 
    100 Parliament Street
    London SW1A 2BQ
    Tel: 03000 585 916
  • A product I sell is already listed on the WTL but under a different company. Can I apply to include the product under my company name too?

    Yes. The WTL lists water efficient products that are sold by a range of suppliers and manufacturers. The product name and model number is listed as well as the manufacturer or supplier.

    When an eligible business buys a product listed on the WTL, they can apply for tax relief regardless of where they purchased the product. However, if you are a supplier and you want to use the WTL symbol to market the products that you sell, you will need to make a WTL application – you cannot use the symbol until you do this.

  • My water efficient product doesn't fit in to any of the current technology areas, what can I do?

    If your product does not fit any of the technology categories currently supported by the scheme, you can make an application for a New Technology category to be added to the WTL. The technologies on the WTL are reviewed annually and new technologies may be added to the scheme following an assessment period if they are approved.

    Details of how to make a new technology application can be found here in the Partner Access section of the WTL website. This section explains the requirements which a technology must meet for it to be supported by the WTL, for example, it must be classed as plant or machinery and it must help to conserve water or improve water quality.

  • I install water reuse systems, how do I register my system on the WTL?

    The WTL has two categories that support water reuse, 1) off-the-shelf Greywater recovery and reuse equipment and 2) Wastewater recovery and re-use systems. The latter of these categories tend to be designed and constructed to individual tailored designs.

    For off-the-shelf Greywater recovery and reuse equipment, you can apply using the product application process outlined in FAQ 1.

    For the second category, Wastewater recover and re-use systems, a slightly different process is adopted. The WTL caters for bespoke wastewater recovery and re-use systems through a certification scheme. The systems that meet the specified water efficiency criteria are not listed on the WTL, instead the applicant is issued with a ‘Certificate of Environmental Benefit’. This certificate proves that the water re-use system meets the criteria and is therefore eligible for an ECA.

    The business investing in the system should make the application to the WTL – not the manufacturer or supplier. The application can be made when the system is at the design stage to help the business build a business case. The business making the investment can then claim the tax relief once the ‘Certificate of Environmental Benefit’ has been issued. 

    You can encourage the businesses that purchase your water reuse systems to apply to the WTL to have their system certified so they can claim the ECA. For large systems the tax relief can significantly reduce the payback time and is a real financial benefit. You will not be able to use the WTL symbol in your marketing literature because each water reuse system is bespoke, and would need to be assessed individually.
  • I want to update some of the details of my products listed on the WTL - how do I do this?

    Once a product is listed on the WTL its details cannot be amended – this is to ensure that the original product details are available for reference during any tax inspections. If you want to update the details of a product you will need to make a new application. Please be sure to provide all the evidence to show that the product continues to meet the eligibility criteria, and inform us if any products should be removed.

  • Is there any advice available to help me promote my WTL approved products?

    Yes. Once you have signed and returned your licence agreement you will be given access to some online resources to help you promote your WTL approved products.

  • Why should I use the WTL symbol?

    You can use the WTL symbol as a promotional and marketing tool for your products that are listed on the WTL. Highlighting the availability of tax relief on the purchase of these products provides an additional incentive for your business customers to buy them. 

    The WTL symbol is issued to you with a unique number. You must ensure that the symbol is only used to market the products listed on the WTL. This is explained in the licence agreement and failure to use the symbol correctly could result in legal action.
  • What happens when my product is accepted?

    Once your application has been reviewed by a WTL technical agent, you will receive an email to notify you of the products that were approved onto the WTL and of any products that were not. 

    The first time you have a product added to the WTL, you will receive a licence agreement document which outlines the terms and conditions for using the WTL symbol. You will need to sign and return the agreement to gain access to the symbol which you can use in your product marketing literature.

  • How long does it take for my products to be added to the Water Technology list?

    Your application will usually be assessed within 30 days. The assessor (technical agent) will contact you if they need more information.

    You can check the status of your applications by using the Products and Systems Tracker which is available within the Partner Access section of the website.

    Once products have been approved they will be listed the following working day. This means that the products listed will be eligible for tax relief as an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) from the date it is shown on the WTL. 
    Please note that if you do not provide the supporting evidence required to complete the review within this time period, your application cannot be approved and you will need to make a new application. 
  • I've submitted an online application, what should I do now?

    When you submit your application you should receive an email notification which will provide an application reference number. You will need to use this reference number if you make an enquiry.

    The review of your product application will be completed within 30 days. One of our technical agents may contact you to request further information - you are required to provide all information within the review timeframe.

    Supporting documentation must show evidence that your product meets the technology criteria – it may include for example:

    • certification (such as WRAS approval or ISO9001) 
    • product specification (product brochure or technical specifications) 
    • laboratory test results and diagrams. 

    Once your product application has been reviewed, you will receive email notification of the products that were approved and those that were not.

    You can check the status of your applications at any time by using the Products and Systems Tracker which is available within the Partner Access section of the website.

  • My products seem to fit with more than one of the WTL technology categories, can I make an application under several technologies?

    No. The product will only be listed under one technology. As long as your products are listed on the WTL your eligible business customers will be able to claim the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA).

    Choose which technology your products best fit and make the application under that one. If you are unsure, contact the WTL Advice Line. Contact details are provided here.

  • What can I do if I think the criteria should be reviewed?

    The criteria are kept under review to ensure they reflect technological developments. If you have any comments you want to make on the current criteria you can talk these through with a member of the technical team.

    If you wish to contact us with regards to the criteria, please contact the WTL Advice Line. Contact details are provided here.

  • How were the WTL eligibility criteria developed?

    The criteria set out the performance standards that products are required to meet in order to be included on the WTL under a specific technology category. They have been developed by Defra’s technical agents, Ricardo Energy & Environment, who work with stakeholders including relevant trade bodies, manufacturers and suppliers. The criteria are developed to support products that are water efficient (or improve water quality) and to ensure there is a choice of products for purchasers.

    The criteria for each technology category are periodically reviewed to ensure they continue to be relevant and reflect technological advances. If you feel that you could provide useful insight into a specific technology, please get in touch with us via the WTL Advice Line. Contact details are provided here.

    More information about upcoming changes to the criteria and the review process can be found here in the Resources section of the website.

  • How do I apply to get my products on the Water Technology List (WTL)?

    You must register on the WTL before you apply to add products to the list. Once you have a WTL Partner account you can log in to make an application at any time. 

    The first step is to check your products fit a designated WTL technology category and they meet the criteria. If your products do not fit any of the categories, you can make a New Technology Application - more information on this is available here.

    Once you are registered on the WTL (you can do so by clicking here), you will need to complete the online application form. You can make one application for multiple products if they are the same WTL technology category (and the same sub-technology category if applicable). Otherwise you will need to fill in a separate form for each WTL technology/sub-technology category for the products you want to add.

    You will need as minimum:

    • a product and model number
    • supporting documents that prove the product meets each element of the eligibility criteria - this is the supporting evidence. The type of information required will depend on the requirements of the criteria specific to the technology category under which you are applying. For example, the requirements may include external certification (such as WRAS approval or an ISO9001 certificate), product specification (sales brochure and/or technical specification) or laboratory test results. 

    During the assessment period you may be asked to supply additional information for clarification. 

    Once your products have been reviewed to ensure they meet the criteria, they will be added to the WTL the next working day - you will receive an email to inform you. You will also be sent a licence agreement which you will need to sign and return in order to use the WTL symbol to promote your approved products. The symbol provided is unique to your licence agreement and can only be used against your approved product(s). 

    You will be notified if any of your products are not approved, along with the reasons for our decision, and you may be invited to resubmit your application. If for any reason you are unhappy with the decision, you can use our Appeals Process, more information on this is available here.

  • I have existing products listed on the WTL and there are several changes to these products (such as product codes changing, products need to be moved since they are no longer sold, updating products etc). How do I get the product details changed?

    The easiest way to update product information is to send the changes to, quoting the relevant application number as a reference and then providing information of all changes and updates that need to be made. A member of the WTL team will contact you for clarification if necessary. It is important to check that product changes do not affect their eligibility based on the WTL criteria.

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