Criteria Review Questionnaire for Efficient Taps

The Government’s Water Technology List (WTL) promotes products that encourage sustainable water use and rewards businesses for investing in them through the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. Claiming ECAs for buying water efficient equipment enables businesses to reduce investment costs and their environmental impact. Manufacturers and suppliers with products included on the WTL can use a symbol to promote their products and offer their customers a unique financial benefit.

The WTL is managed by Defra and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in partnership with Ricardo-AEA who manages the WTL on behalf of Defra.

Each year the eligibility criteria for a number of technologies on the WTL are reviewed. The criteria sets out the performance standards that products are required to meet in order to be admitted onto the WTL. Therefore it is vital that the criteria are at the forefront of water efficiency and that it reflects any advances in the technology while continuing to be relevant, clear and workable.

This stakeholder consultation will help us to understand how stakeholders value the scheme and collect market information which is essential for assessing what impact the ECA scheme has on encouraging businesses to invest in water efficient products. It is also vital in allowing us to inform HM Treasury of the expected value of the tax incentive.

We have already consulted with a Technology Working Group which raised a number of key points. These discussion points raised are provided in Section C below and we invite you to provide your feedback highlighting your thoughts and opinions. We also ask you to consider the current eligibility criteria (see Appendix 1) and provide any other comments you may have on their relevance and clarity. This consultation period will remain open until Friday 29th July 2016.

Manufacturer and supplier feedback is essential to this review process and without it Government may take the view that the scheme is not valuable to the sector and consequently remove the technology from the WTL.

All responses must be received by Friday 29th July 2016 at the latest. Please email your completed questionnaire to: All responses received will be anonymised. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Download the criteria review questionnaire here

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