Product testing

In order to maintain the integrity of the Water Technology List, Defra regularly test WTL listed-products to check they meet the thresholds required by the ECA eligibility criteria.

Product testing can be carried out on any ECA eligible product listed on the ECA website.  The following procedure outlines the testing programme and the requirements to which manufacturers listed on the ECA website within this programme must adhere.

Products for testing are selected on either a random basis or following a substantiated complaint from an end user or other body. All manufacturers whose products are selected for testing are required to make available the product(s) specified in the notification letter from Defra, free of charge.  All products will be returned to manufacturers once the testing work has been completed and the costs of these initial tests and associated transport costs will be paid for by Defra.

  1. Those manufacturers selected will be notified by Defra by letter/e-mail.  This letter/e-mail will:
    1. Detail the product(s) required for testing;
    2. Provide details of the independent testing facility appointed by Defra (contact name, address etc);
    3. Provide a date by which the manufacturer must deliver the product to the test house. (NB: If a manufacturer cannot supply the product by the date specified, then the manufacturer should immediately contact Defra and agree a mutually suitable alternative);
    4. Give details of how transport will be arranged and paid for.
  2. If a manufacturer fails to provide the requested products or provide a satisfactory explanation to Defra for why they cannot, then they will be sent a formal letter giving them a 60 day notice period that their products/details will be removed from the ECA website.
  3. Defra will inform manufacturers of the results of the independent tests by letter/e-mail and state whether the product(s) has passed or failed to meet the threshold criteria for ECA eligibility.  Included within this letter/e-mail will be a copy of the testing report.
  4. For product(s) that have failed to meet the ECA eligibility criteria, manufacturers will be given the following options:
    1. Accept the results, in which case Defra will remove the product/manufacturer details from the ECA website from the 1st of the following month, or
    2. Arrange for a retest, either with the same testing house or an independent testing house of their choice (the latter must be with the prior agreement of Defra).  The costs of this re-test will initially be incurred by the manufacturer but may be reimbursed by Defra depending on results (see below).
  5. If the product then meets the eligibility criteria upon retest, the manufacturer will be informed by letter/e-mail, the costs of the second test (including transport) will be reimbursed by Defra and no further action taken.
  6. If the product again fails to comply with the eligibility criteria, Defra will inform the manufacturer of its intention to remove the product/manufacturer details from the WTL website from the 1st of the following month.  In this case the costs of the retest (including transport) will not be reimbursed by Defra and will be borne by the manufacturer.

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