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Find out more about the Water Technology List

Our webinar recording provides you with more information about the Water Technology List, and how it can help you. To make things easier, we have split it up into different sections, allowing you to choose your particular topic of interest:


About the Water Technology List

Find out how the WTL works and how it can help water efficient equipment manufacturers to promote products, and businesses to save money through Enhanced Capital Allowance

About the Product list

What kind of products and product categories do we have on the list? How can you get your products on the list?

New product development

What if a technology category is not on the list?. In this video we'll show you how you can submit a new category on the website.


Questions answered from attendees of the WTL webinar.

Benefits of the Water Technology List

Why would you want to register your product? Hear about why other manufacturers of water-efficient products have joined, and the support they receive from WTL to help increase their sales.

Case studies

Examples of customers who have purchased equipment, and manufacturers who have listed their products on WTL.


More questions from attendees at the end of the webinar session.

What next?

If you are a water efficient equipment manufacturer and would like to submit your product for review, with the aim of it being accepted to the list, please submit your products here.

If you are looking to purchase water efficient equipment, you can browse the list here.

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